Friday, September 25, 2009

New Photos!!!

Hehe. Been awhile again. Started on my 2nd assignment this semester. A whopping 40% of my marks hinge on it. So I don't have much time again. However, I've a bunch of photos to share.

First up is Brisbane Festival Riverfire. Its a fireworks festival that's held in Brisbane every year. There was an airshow, featuring red prop planes in the late afternoon. Here's a shot.

The planes made a few passes each time, in different formations. They showed off a few moves that look like they came out of a fighter movie like top gun. Amazing that they can do it all with prop planes.

The show started at 7pm with a flyover from F-111 strike jets. They were really, really cool. With afterburners blazing, they flew past us near the riverbank, breaking the sound barrier. (privately, I think they're not really going all that fast to avoid breaking all our eardrums, and sorry, no pics... Too fast.)

After they flew past... The fireworks started, here are a few shots. Not very good ones though. I need a better camera. XD

Amazing isn't it. I hear that the bill for the fireworks goes into the billions of AUD every year. It was so cool. There wasn't a picture, but there was a scene where the bridge nearby where I was standing started spewing sparklers, and it was like a waterfall of sparks that was flowing under the bridge. You just have to have been there to imagine.

On the 23rd of September, there was this huge dust storm that came over Brisbane, I hear that it was the biggest dust storm in 40 years. It came from Sydney way and made the skies turn yellow as... well... not really yellow, more like 'kunyit-coloured''. My Math lecturer said that in some places in Brisbane outskirts, the visibility was so bad people couldn't see their hand in front of their faces.

Imagine my shock when I woke up and the skies were yellowy. XD Here's a few pictures I took on the way to a lecture.

Seriously, it was really hazy. Made me wish I brought my H1N1 scare vintage face mask out. I saw a few people wearing them too. There was a street vendor selling face masks for 6AUD a pop.

On Thursday, 24th September, there was a combined lifegroup meeting. Which was..... huge.... Here's a few pictures so you can see the scope.

Overall... I think there were over 40 people there. And that's not counting the ones that weren't able to make it due to other stuff... Amazing isn't it. Praise God!!

Alright. That's it for today. Next week is Spring Break. That means its holiday. I won't be doing much holidaying though. Assignments to do. Although I'll be having a little dinner at my place on Monday. XD


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