Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hisashiburi danna?

Whooo!!! Been a while huh. about 2-3weeks since my last blog post. Been rather busy and stuff. What with midsemester exams and assignments to complete.

What've I been doing? Regular stuff. Doing homework, going to lectures/tutorials, lifegroup and church. XD

The highlights of my life has been church actually. The times with God and the times I spend with my friends in church. On the 29th of August, there was a Band of Brothers thing going on with all the brothers of the church and a Simply Women thing for all the sisters. I didn't go for the morning session, which was at Mount Cootha. I did attend the night session though. No pictures... sorry.

On 30th, I took this picture of 2 of my friends in lifegroup. I really look up to them, they are really mature Christians and besides that really fun to hang out with too. Here they are: Gin(Pethuel) and Xi!!!
Gin's wearing Joan's dog collar... it does look cool on him though... XD
And Xi's well... being Xi. Cool as a cucumber.

On Monday the 31st... yay! National Day for Malaysia... Actually I didn't realise it until I had a conversation with my mom. LOL

That Monday I had a few friends over for dinner(Lotus Root Soup). Gin, Tracy, and Joan showed up for dinner, and we had a good time. Played this game called Jungle Speed which was really really hard to play, due to the complexity of the game.

The next day after classes, I went to Xi's house for a game session. I know I know. MidSem is coming soon... But I did some studying earlier and now I wanna relax.
Played Xbox and Wii until late. xD

Thursday came around pretty fast. There was a vocal presentation accompanied by a slideshow by David and Christine from Daniel 1. Here's a Pic I took. Hands were shaking then, so its not very clear.

They're really good singers. I like David's voice... he has a good baritone tenor and I just know that some singers would just kill for his vibrato. Christine has a sweet but powerful voice, easily audible. Naturally, both of them are good. They serve in the worship team in church.

Before you know it Monday comes around again. It's the 7th of September.. I have friends over for dinner again(This time its Radish and Pepper Beef Soup). Gin, Tracy, Joan, Xi, Will and Chen get together over the meal. Will brought a whole bunch of spaghetti with him... Wow. XD

We played Guitar Hero on Tim's Xbox until about 10.00pm.

Tuesday was classes again. Morning 2 hours. Went as usual. In the evening however was something new. I went to prayer meeting. Touching Heaven, Touching Deep, it was called. We did touch something of heaven that night. Let me tell you... This church is growing and is strong because of its prayer. I really thank God that he led me here.

After the meeting, I went home and booked the flight tickets back home.

That's it for the past 2 weeks. I'll try to update again next week at the same time and not let too many things pile up. XD

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