Monday, August 17, 2009

Week 5

Normal things happen during normal week.

Andrew's log, actual date (10th to 17th August)

Ookay... too much Star Trek. XD
On Saturday we took a trip to Mt. Cootha, that's a hill close to Kelvin Grove, 'we' here being me and members of Daniel 3 Lifegroup. It was really pretty and sunny that day, hardly a cloud in the sky.

Here's a few shots:

Bus stop in the city with Daniel 3 on the way to Mt. Cootha

And next we have some jokers fooling around with a shop display
"Why are you looking at me??"

"Don't steal my jacket man!!"

"Is my belt too loose?"

View from Mt. Cootha summit

And the crowning piece...
"Meet Tracy... she's our photographer isn't she cute?"

After we get finished with the view, we walk down the hill... and have a few games, some pizza and fellowship, wonderful fellowship. XD

That's it for today.

After church, we go for eats at this Korean food place called Han Woo Ri.

Spiffy, nice place, good ambience, etc. And the food was great too. Here's a copy of shots of the food. Some beef noodle things, I can't remember the name already.

Here's some photos of the whole youth gang from church. In fact, there's three gangs of em. Daniel 1, 2, and count 'em 3.

That's it for this weekend.

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