Monday, August 10, 2009

Week 4

Week 4 (2nd August, to 9th August)

So... Another week, another blog post. Yay! Routine week, with routine stuff to do. This week was real heavy on the Math so I'm busy plugging away at math problems while doing this. This is a Meatball and Potato dish I made sometime last week that's called Frikadellen.

On Sunday(2nd August) there was this multicultural fiesta thing after church service that most of the church was involved in as sort of an outreach program thing, open to the public and the whole university, I was a bit late in, so I couldn't get good seats and these photos are taken from the back row of the lecture theatre...

I went for the youth group, well they call it Lifegroup here. Theme for this week was Miracles, we discussed what miracles are like, shared a few testimonies of miracles in our lives, etc. etc. We were broken up into small groups for a group prayer and discussion and here's a few photos:

That's it for this week. I'll update again next week.

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