Monday, August 17, 2009

Week 5

Normal things happen during normal week.

Andrew's log, actual date (10th to 17th August)

Ookay... too much Star Trek. XD
On Saturday we took a trip to Mt. Cootha, that's a hill close to Kelvin Grove, 'we' here being me and members of Daniel 3 Lifegroup. It was really pretty and sunny that day, hardly a cloud in the sky.

Here's a few shots:

Bus stop in the city with Daniel 3 on the way to Mt. Cootha

And next we have some jokers fooling around with a shop display
"Why are you looking at me??"

"Don't steal my jacket man!!"

"Is my belt too loose?"

View from Mt. Cootha summit

And the crowning piece...
"Meet Tracy... she's our photographer isn't she cute?"

After we get finished with the view, we walk down the hill... and have a few games, some pizza and fellowship, wonderful fellowship. XD

That's it for today.

After church, we go for eats at this Korean food place called Han Woo Ri.

Spiffy, nice place, good ambience, etc. And the food was great too. Here's a copy of shots of the food. Some beef noodle things, I can't remember the name already.

Here's some photos of the whole youth gang from church. In fact, there's three gangs of em. Daniel 1, 2, and count 'em 3.

That's it for this weekend.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Week 4

Week 4 (2nd August, to 9th August)

So... Another week, another blog post. Yay! Routine week, with routine stuff to do. This week was real heavy on the Math so I'm busy plugging away at math problems while doing this. This is a Meatball and Potato dish I made sometime last week that's called Frikadellen.

On Sunday(2nd August) there was this multicultural fiesta thing after church service that most of the church was involved in as sort of an outreach program thing, open to the public and the whole university, I was a bit late in, so I couldn't get good seats and these photos are taken from the back row of the lecture theatre...

I went for the youth group, well they call it Lifegroup here. Theme for this week was Miracles, we discussed what miracles are like, shared a few testimonies of miracles in our lives, etc. etc. We were broken up into small groups for a group prayer and discussion and here's a few photos:

That's it for this week. I'll update again next week.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Week 3

3rd week...(26th July to 1st August)

So...... another week has passed. I went to Hope Brisbane on the 26th. There was this visiting Pastor from Adelaide who was speaking that day. I forget his name... But he was a real funny guy. Suitable for youths I guess.

He gave his testimony on how he was a nihilist, always depressed and couldn't find meaning in life, and so forth. And he shared on how a preacher, who shared in his Uni, while being boo-ed by others touched his life.

He spoke about how wondrous God is, to have created everything and that there can be no mistake in choosing to follow Him, and that there is a great need for workers to share the gospel.

Here's a few photos taken during the service. A little blur, but hopefully still viewable.

After the service, it was about 5-6pm and me and the rest of the CCM people went for dinner together at a chinese restaurant. Here's the photos from said dinner.

So... that's it for Sunday. The rest of the week was the usual... Go to class and study and do homework, nothing really interesting. I took a picture of 2 of my lecturers for you to see.

First up is Mr. Ernest Foo. He's Chinese, but he speaks English with a severe Aussie accent. Friendly and jovial, he also has a very dry humor. He lectures for
INB251 - Networks

This here is Mr. Hasmukh Morarji. He looks quite fierce doesn't he? He's a very serious man, and he expects his students to be serious about classes as well. He lectures for INB351 - Unix Administration.

That's enough about classes. XD
I went for market day on Saturday again, to just see what's new and get a few groceries I needed. Whilst I was walking, guess what I saw... I saw this shop where they were selling like pizza or something. But take a look at this picture...

See what the guy is using? OMG. He's using an antique clothes iron to make his pizza.............. *Jaw drops* (What a waste isn't it, Dad?) XD

That's it for this week. I'll probably be blogging week by week as my schedule is pretty packed, what with home work and stuff.

Cheers, XD