Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Settling down in the house

Okay, So I'm in the new house already, things hv been a bit busy for the past few days, especially with Market Day, and the moving in, but finally things are getting settled. I've finally gotten my net back and I can post stuff again. XD

One of these days I'm going to take pictures of the new house and post them up here so you guys back home can see it. Its a pretty nifty place. Although it does take some time to get to the bus stop. I wish I had a car. I'm lazy to walk.

Anyways, I'll have to stop here. I'm writing this in the morning just as I wake up. I have to prepare for the lifegroup tonight. We're having a pizza night to welcome the newcomers into Daniel 3.

What I have to prepare? I'm the Smiles Coordinator, that means I'm in charge of the welcome pack. Which is basically a gospel tract and some candy. Lol. It's cool. I have something new to serve in besides worship. XD

GtG. XD I'll post again later if I have the time.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm Back!!!!!

So, I'm back in Brisbane, after a long day. I'm kinda feeling pretty tired.

Arrived in the Gold Coast at 730am-ish and by the time i got through customs and into Brisbane, it was already almost 11am. Gin met me at Roma Street. Thank God for him, I was like dead on my feet, not having slept well on the plane.

The new house doesn't have electricity yet, so I went to VUE apartments with Gin. He needed to go and continue the outreach, so he just dropped me. I needed to sleep. XD

Slept until 4pm and then took a shower. Just in time for Lifegroup.

Had a great time as always. I didnt really feel like playing the games though. But I did anyway.

On the way back, I got a peek at the new place. It really is nice. XD So happy.

Going to go to bed. Busy day again tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Long, Long Time

Been a LONG LOOOOOONG Time since I updated my blog. I sorta thought there was no need since I went home and wasn't in Brisbane for almost 3 months. XD

Anyways, I went home in November. I'm writing this now in the LCCT terminal in KL while waiting for my flight to Coolongatta. Found a place to plug in my laptop and have free wifi for about 2 hours. XD just enough to wait for my flight. (Coffee Bean, to be exact)

You know... I've noticed something about Malaysians in general. We tend to respond better(at least in the service industry) to foreign accents. I can fake a british/scot accent and I notice it tends to get better service than if I use our national "lah" slang. XD

I guess it kind of helps that I'm wearing a coat and look like a businessman(some say bouncer, but I really don't think so) XD

Check in was pretty smooth. So was the flight from Penang.

I'm kind of having mixed feelings about leaving Msia again. So many things have happened since I got back. But I know its for the best, after all, I do want to finish my degree over in Aussie.

A new semester, a whole new experience. I'll leave this post here then. Maybe tomorrow or the day after I'll post something new. XD

Cya laterz.